Nike just DID it

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If you’ve followed the news recently you might have heard about Nike’s recent ad campaign where they used Colin Kaepernick as the face of their brand (pictured above) as a part of Nike’s 30th “Just Do it” anniversary.

In short, this is genius.

Sure, Nike’s stock dropped 3% that day (but still up 55% for the past year, as of September 7, 2018). SO WHAT?

In a world where everything is becoming politicized, Nike made the right decision here by making a clear stance instead of staying on the fence.

Moderate people are the most difficult type of people to market to. Moderates are…well, moderate. They are on the fence. And I think Nike, who is a company that truly understands brand loyalty and storytelling, understands that there is no point in being a company that is focused on marketing to everyone.

Don’t be moderate. It’s a hard playing field. And so, Nike is willing to make the push and tell a story.

In the modern era, consumers want to get in bed with brands and companies that align with their own personal ethics and morals. Particularly Millenials and the rising Z-generation—who are among the highest percentage of consumers that identify with brand loyalty—are not satisfied with just quality products anymore.

Every product is of high quality nowadays. It’s not enough to just sell a good shoe. Companies like Nike need to sell a story.

I mean, when was the last time you remembered seeing a Nike commercial where the main selling point is the “high tech” quality of their shoes? I don’t remember any.

Nike associates themselves with concepts. The idea of “Being a King” by wearing LeBron’s shoes. Or the perseverance of a runner. Or Finding Your Greatness (One of the best sports commercials ever made.

When you brand that iconic swoosh on your body, you embody the idea of sacrifice. Of Greatness. Or willpower.

When you wear Nike, you are willing to “Just Do it”, even if it means, sacrificing it all.

Whether or not people agree with Kaepernick’s stance, it got the world talking. And Nike is on Fire right now. (Literally and figuratively; some who disagree with the campaign are literally burning Nike shoes!)

At the end of the day, Republicans buy shoes too. So do Democrats.

People look favorably on those that have great conviction. Mr. Kaepernick is someone who sacrificed it all to show his conviction, and that is something a brand can get behind, and more importantly, something people can get behind. So I don’t know about you but I might just need to pick up a new pair of Nikes soon.

We’ll have to see just how effective this campaign becomes in the future, but Nike essentially hi-jacked Colin Kaepernick’s image, and created even more awareness for the entire campaign, and boosted brand loyalty of from the young population. Adidas isn’t making headlines; Nike is. Genius!!!

Nike just did it.

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